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My 72nd Adult Baby eBook

72. Kiss It Goodbye

72. Kiss It Goodbye

Tags: Babyhood, Bisexual, Breastfeeding, Cuckold, DaddyDom, FemDom, Humiliation, Husband, Lust, Marriage, Messing, Mummy, Nanny, Nappies, Online, Punishment, Pussy, Revenge, Sissy Baby, Slave, Wetting, Wife
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: September 2019
Length: TBC

Kiss It Goodbye: Mummy Took Control...

About the Book

Gary Goody (aged 37) is married to his strong decisive and independent wife, Gail Goody (aged 36). Gary knows all too well that his wife rules the roost and wears the trousers in their childless marriage.

Gary is a closet Sissy Baby Girl. Lately, behind his wife’s back, he has been secretly indulging in his Sissy Baby fantasies online. On one free evening, Gary decides to dress up as a Sissy Baby with his hidden stash of Sissy stuff he has bought without his wife’s acknowledgement.

When Gail unexpectedly returns home early, Gary is caught performing a live webcam sex act. After failed clear the air talks, Gail immediately takes drastic action by turning her shameful husband into the Sissy Baby Girl he craves to be for the whole world to see.

Gail then seeks her very own hunky Daddy Dom to sexually satisfy her and Gary. Their new lifestyle as Mummy and Sissy Baby Girl has now truly begun…

Tags: #Babyhood, #Bisexual, #Breastfeeding, #Cuckold, #DaddyDom, #FemDom, #Humiliation, #Husband, #Lust, #Marriage, #Messing, #Mummy, #Nanny, #Nappies, #Online #Punishment, #Pussy, #Revenge, #SissyBaby, #Slave, #Wetting, #Wife

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Coming 17th September 2019