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My 51st Adult Baby eBook

51. Down Under

51. Down Under

Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Australia, DaddyDom, Forced, Gay, Humiliation, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Mental Regression, Messing, Nappies, Taken, Twink, Wetting
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: August 2018
Length: TBC

Down Under: Daddy Changed My Life Forever...

About the Book

Ricky King (aged 22), a university graduate struggling to find his first professional job receives an email informing him that he’s won an all-round trip to Kununurra, in Kimberley, Western Australia for two weeks. Ricky gladly accepts the holiday to get away from his worries and frustration.

On the final day of his holiday, during the safari outback tour, Ricky gets lost in the dangerous and vast backwoods. Frightened, totally alone and no signal on his mobile, Ricky begins his tough journey back to his hotel.

During the scorching journey through the backwoods, Ricky encounters the aid of wealthy gold miner, Vern Kelly (aged 38). Vern, a proud and open gay man, has everything he desires in life, except for one thing: having a submissive boyfriend who indulges in a unique fetish he fully enjoys.

Vern excitingly takes Ricky back home to his private villa, located near an isolated village and miles away from his hotel, to begin turning Ricky into his special gay Adult Baby Boy.

Ricky’s lifestyle and life in general will shockingly change for Vern will never ever let him return home to England…

Tags: #AdultBabyBoy, #Australia, #DaddyDom, #Forced, #Gay, #Humiliation, #Infantilism, #Love, #Lust, #MentalRegression, #Messy, #Nappies, #Taken, #Twink, #Wetting

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Coming 14th August 2018