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I’m an independent worldwide author of fictional erotic stories based within the Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism fetishes and kinks of BDSM

Every one of my published ABDL eBooks are originally and uniquely written. I create memorable fictional characters, superb dialogue, intriguing infantilism plots and storytelling connected within the sexual fantasies of worldwide ABDL folk. 

All fictional characters written & featured in my Kindle/PDF eBooks are all aged 18 & over. And every eBook I write & publish on Amazon or on PayPal are totally legal and above board.

My Kindle eBooks’ page lengths rages between 20 to 100+ pages per story.

I keep weekly update Tweets of my present and future written work on my Official Twitter profile.

I dearly hope that my ABDL eBooks will bring joy, satisfaction & sexual arousement to my readers, fans and followers within the worldwide Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism communities.

Thank you and enjoy reading!

Jodie’s Ambition

I only have ONE thriving ambition & personal goal that I want to personally achieve at present in my life: To write & publish ALL of my planned 501 Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism eBooks.

I’m going to do my utmost best to achieve this. I will not fail; no matter what comes in my way!

I have the drive, hunger, ambition, ability and determination to succeed in becoming the best ABDL author the world has ever known.

This isn’t me me being arrogant or narcissistic; this is me self-believing in my own creative abilities & genius.

I vow this  promise to my readers

Regardless of the Page Length, Synopsis and Story Tags of my Adult Baby, Sissy & Infantilism stories: EVERY SINGLE Kindle eBook published on Amazon and PayPal will be priced and capped at £3.00 (GBP). 

That’s between $3.30 to $5.00 (USD) depending on the International Exchange Rate on the day of publishing.

More information about the prices for my ABDL eBooks can be read on my Pricing webpage.

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