17. Mummy’s Wicked Heart

17. Mummy’s Wicked Heart
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Tags: Babyhood, DaddyDom, FemDom, Forced, Gay, Infantilism, Mummy, Nappies, Orgy, Sissy Baby, Step Mum, Transgender
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: 3rd December 2017
Length: 46 pages

Mummy's Wicked Heart: I Became Her Sissy Baby

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About the Book

Shane Goodman (aged 23) has been made homeless for not paying rent to his landlord and running into over £150,000 of personal debt.

Shane is out of options and he desperately has no choice but to return to his family home under the roof of his very strict, wealthy and disciplinarian step-mother, Melissa Goodman (aged 45). 

Melissa, a woman of the world, and newly married to her masculine and intimidating husband, Roy (aged 46), believes Shane is getting no-where in life on his own.

Very quickly Melissa and Roy takeover and transform Shane’s life for him to become their very own perfect Sissy Baby Girl…

Tags: #Babyhood, #DaddyDom, #FemDom, #Forced, #Gay, #Infantilism, #Mummy, #Nappies, #Orgy, #SissyBaby, #StepMum, #Transgender

Over 13,000 words.

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