34. Delight Collection: AB Girl Vol. 1

34. Delight Collection: AB Girl Vol. 1
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Series: The Delight Collection
Tags: Adult Baby Girl, Babyhood, Babysitter, Change Of Reality, DaddyDom, DDLG, FemDom, Forced, Girlfriend, Halloween, Humiliation, Infantilism, Lesbian, Love, Lust, Magic, Mental Regression, Messing, Mummy, Nappies, Punishment, Straight, Taken, Wetting, Workplace
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: 17th April 2018
Length: 149 pages

Adult Baby Girl eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 1

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About the Book

Adult Baby Girl eBooks: The Delight Collection Vol. 1 is a five all-in-one eBook collection edition of five individually already published Adult Baby Girl eBooks written and published by Jodie Delight.

Turn It Up!

Hayley Kent (aged 28) is about to leave her estranged relationship with her boyfriend of eight months, the 34-year-old gorgeous, rich and successful businessman, Carl Galloway.

Even though Carl can already sense Hayley’s misgivings regarding the future of their relationship, he still deeply wants to marry Hayley and settle down with her.

With that, the dashing hunk secretly and quickly puts his master plan, that’ll guarantee him a proper secured marriage with Hayley, into action. Hayley’s life is now about to change forever…

Her Gentleman Caller

Carly Cooper (aged 35) an ex-glamour model who has failed to find the perfect man of her dreams, her very own ‘Mr Fine’, has desperately turned to online dating in hope of finding him.

Soon enough Carly comes into contact with Scott Thorpe (aged 45) and they both hit it off on Skype. After nearly two months of getting to know each other, Carly optimistically agrees to go on a face-to-face date this gorgeous silver fox gentleman.

Scott will give all the comfort, love, attention and affection to the petite, curvy and sexy Carly…though he has other intentions for her other than just love…

Friday 13th

Cindy Croft (aged 19) is an unmaternal unemployed ladette who lives a partying lifestyle. On this day, Friday 13th, Cindy has a date with a dashing young man, Louie, who in secret is a wizard!

Upon their first date, Cindy’s awful personality shines brightly upon the shocked and disgusted Louie who then decides to teach the untamed young lady a lesson.

Cindy’s way of life will now change forever…

Dirty Dani

Dani Douglas (aged 25) is a very attractive and sexy young lady who’s sadly an utterly rude and bitchy boss for her family’s medical supply business.

Jay Dyson (aged 45) a loyal employee of the business is very sexually attracted to Dani regardless of her publicly humiliating him at their recent Christmas work party by rejecting his advances towards her.

That marked the final straw for Jay, a secret Daddy Dom who indulges himself within the ABDL fetish, for he’s now more determined than ever to seduce Dani into becoming his lover and his very own Adult Baby Girl for the whole world to see…

The Baby In The Mirror

The Baby In The Mirror is the direct sequel to Jodie Delight’s 63rd ABDL eBook, Anastacio.

Set days after the events of Anastacio, Charlotte Radcliffe (aged 22) happily starts her first day in her new job as the new “Tutor of Ancient Knowledge” at the Ancient World Society Museum in Birmingham, England.

Borrowed from the British Museum, for one week’s exhibition, is the ancient and priceless mirror that once belonged to the Ancient Greece philosopher, Aristotle. Historians believe that this mirror is magical and processes universal power controlled by Aristotle’s murdered baby, Anastacio.

Upon following an incident caused by Charlotte’s unprofessionalism with a visitor with special needs on her first day in the job, Anastacio decides to teach Charlotte a valuable lesson; a lesson to what’s it’s like to be completely helpless and dependable on others.

Charlotte’s livelihood and way of life as she once knew it quickly changes and she has no control over the magic that will inflict upon her body, mind and new reality by The Baby in the Mirror…

These five Adult Baby Girl stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about cute submissive young ladies forced into nappies and the babyish lifestyle by strong dominating women, Daddies and magical power.

Tags: #AdultBabyGirl, #Babyhood, #Babysitter, #ChangeOfReality, #DaddyDom, #DDLG, #FemDom, #Forced, #Girlfriend, #Halloween, #Humiliaiton, #Infantilism, #Lesbian, #Love, #Lust, #Magic, #MentalRegression, #Messing, #Mummy, #Nappies, #Punishment, #Straight, #Taken, #Wetting, #Workplace

Over 39,000 words.

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