47. Charity Starts At Home

47. Charity Starts At Home
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Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Babyhood, Babysitter, Breastfeeding, FemDom, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Mummy, Nappies, Playmates, Special Needs, Straight, Wetting
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: 4th July 2018
Length: 47 pages

Charity Starts At Home: My Neighbour Babied Me!

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About the Book

Charity Starts At Home is the sequel to Jodie Delight’s 65th ABDL eBook, When Mummy Found Kit.

Set weeks after the events of When Mummy Found Kit, school-leaver Richie Brice (aged 18) has a major crush on his neighbour, the gorgeous former schoolgirl Carly Chase (aged 18). Everything Richie has done to woo her affections and get her undivided attention has been totally unsuccessful.

Angela Appleby (aged 40) and her toy boy lover, Kit Appleby (aged 19), who specially uses her surname, have recently moved into Richie’s quiet middle-class village of Bicester in Oxford.

It’s assumed by the welcoming neighbours that Kit has special needs. But in truth he’s really an Adult Baby Boy. As an act of charity, Richie’s Mum, Joanne Brice (aged 42), gets Richie to sort out Angela’s back garden.

But later on, when Angela and Kit were out, it was then, that while Richie snooped around the house he fully realised the full truth about Kit’s secret. Angela quickly entices Richie into becoming the new playmate for her precious Adult Baby Boy.

It quickly becomes harder for Richie to escape his new found babyhood for he learns Carly, who already knows about Kit’s secret, is Kit’s babysitter. Richie’s young life will never be the same again for Angela has already manipulated his Mum against him…

Tags: #AdultBabyBoys, #Babyhood, #Babysitter, #Breastfeeding, #FemDom, #Infantilism, #Love, #Lust, #Mummy, #Nappies, #Playmates, #SpecialNeeds, #Straight, #Wetting

Over 12,900 words.

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