55. Delight Collection: AB Girl Vol. 2

55. Delight Collection: AB Girl Vol. 2
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Adult Baby Girl eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 2

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Adult Baby Girl eBooks: The Delight Collection Vol. 2 is a five all-in-one eBook collection edition of five individually already published Adult Baby Girl eBooks written and published by Jodie Delight.

Big Girls Do Cry

Adele Ayers (aged 25) a beautiful, sexy, independent and intelligent young lady with the world at her feet is hours away from marrying the love of her life, her gorgeous and dishy fiancé, Greg Bridges (aged 33).

After her hen party, Adele encounters Bonnie, a lost little girl in the ladies room. Bonnie, in secret, is the legendary ghost of the hotel. After a heated argument between them, Bonnie decides to teach Adele a lesson.

Adele’s reality and life as she once knew it dramatically changes and she’ll experience first-hand that big girls do cry regardless of how old they believe they claim to be…


Rio Riley (aged 19) a college girl studying childcare is continuously bullied by two particular mean classmates, Megan Curry (aged 19) and Daisy Ayers (aged 19), due to her meek personality, geeky appearance and her family’s known poverty.

After a despicable act inside the locker room, along with all this emotional stress and pain, Rio prays to the high and mighty in search for hope. Then, out of nowhere, a Spirit appears. The Spirit lends Rio almighty magical powers so she can use to better her life.

Rio doesn’t waste time in using her borrowed magical powers; she excitingly takes her revenge on her two bullies along with changing reality. When the Spirit returns to retrieve the borrowed magical power, it’ll all be too late for Rio, for the magic went to her head…Abracadabra!

Babe In The Woods

Jenny Jinks (aged 23) a beautiful, petite and naive young lady is a semi-pro hiker. As a challenge against her rival hikers, Jenny decides to take on the formidable 212 mile hike across Scotland’s Southern Upland Way.

During her hike within the vast woodland forest of Killantringan Wood, Jenny decides to journey down the known dangerous Dead Man’s Path.

It was there where she first meets the dashing and wealthy Scotsman, Angus MacKenna (aged 34), who’s secretly on the hunt for a petite beauty for his own wicked purpose.

Jenny quickly swoons over this gorgeous hunk. Likewise for Angus, who instantly becomes sexually attracted to Jenny quickly uses his dominance to force Jenny into becoming his very own Adult Baby Girl and lover at his secured mansion hidden within the forest for a long time to come…

Schoolgirl Baby

Rebecca Hadley (aged 18) is a spoiled, rude and unkind schoolgirl and bully. She rules the roost and lords it over her peers at Keighley Ladies’ College, an independent boarding school for young ladies.

But before Rebecca is finally set to leave school for good, her Form Tutor, Miss Frazer (aged 35), summons an emergency meeting with the Headmistress and Rebecca’s Dad to confront him about his daughter’s recent wicked behaviour and for them all to agree on the befitting punishment for her.

Rebecca’s life will never be the same again for those she bullied, including her utter rudeness to her Form Tutor, shall have their revenge. Not even her Dad will be able to rescue her from her punishment, for Miss Frazer will quickly have him wrapped around her little finger as Rebecca once did…

Money Talks

Natalie Florence (aged 22), an unemployed chav and ladette who’s struggling to find a job in these tough uncertain Brexit times, is about to have her life changed forever when her jobcentre advisor gives her the details of an unlisted private job advert for the wealthy, powerful and strong businesswoman, Gillian Milford.

Gillian Milford (aged 36), who’s about to retire in the countryside relating to the job advert itself, interviews the desperate Natalie for the secret job offer. Natalie, who’s only thinking about the money she can earn, greedily accepts Miss Milford’s once in a lifetime opportunity.

Natalie frightfully discovers just what this new job is fully expected from her as she is quickly forced to become Gillian’s very own Adult Baby Slave and to live the babyish lifestyle 24/7 under Gillian’s maternal dominance, along with sexually satisfying her new Mummy for a very long time to come…

These five Adult Baby Girl stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about cute submissive young ladies forced into nappies and the babyish lifestyle by strong dominating women, Daddies and magical power.

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Over 70,600 words.

Amazon.co.uk - 10th September 2018 - 5.0 out of 5 stars. "A good buy." - Excellent value - five of Miss Delight's pleasantly erotic books for the price of three.
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