60. Entrapment

60. Entrapment
eBook: £3.00
Tags: Adult Baby Boys, Babyhood, DaddyDom, Forced, Gay, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Mental Regression, Messing, Nappies, Orgy, Playmates, Police, Poly Family, Twinks, Wetting
Publisher: JodieDelight.com
Publication Year: 26th October 2019
Length: 92 pages

Entrapment: Baby Wanted A Playmate...

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About the Book

Louie Grimwood (aged 25) is an Adult Baby who lives the infantilism lifestyle 24/7 with his lovable and strict controlling Daddy Dom, and husband, Sean Grimwood (aged 35).

But there’s a problem, Louie is lonely and bored on his own. He has no playmate and he is desperate to have another full-time Adult Baby to join their loving family. Sean agrees and together they both hatch a plan.

Oliver Beadle (aged 25), an unemployed university graduate, is contacted by Louie on a dating app to meet up for a drink. Oliver meets Louie at a bar and the two quickly hit it off. Oliver, believing he will get some nooky with Louie, agrees to return home with him.

As they enter Louie’s special bedroom, Oliver is confronted with the horrific realism that he’s been perfectly entrapped by Louie and his husband as they now enforce babyhood upon their new cute Adult Baby Boy…

Tags: #AdultBabyBoys, #Babyhood, #DaddyDom, #Forced, #Gay, #Humiliation, #Hypnosis, #Infantilism, #Love, #Lust, #MentalRegression, #Messing, #Nappies, #Orgy, #Playmates, #Police, #PolyFamily, #Twinks, #Wetting

Over 27,000 words.

Amazon UK - 29th October 2019 - 5 Star Review. "A good read." - Another great yarn from Miss Delight. After a rocky beginning a happy family is born. Looking forward to your next book Jodie.
– Puggy
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