Gay AB eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 1

Gay AB eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 1
eBook: £9.00
Series: The Delight Collection
Tags: Adult Baby Boy, Adult Baby Boys, Adult School Boy, Babyhood, Change Of Reality, Christmas, DaddyDom, Forced, Gay, Headmaster, Infantilism, Love, Lust, Magic, Mental Regression, Nappies, Police, Punishment, School
Publication Year: 17th April 2018 (1st Edition), 20th April 2020 (2nd Edition)
Length: 171 pages

Gay Adult Baby eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 1

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About the Book

Gay Adult Baby eBooks: The Delight Collection Vol. 1 is a five all-in-one eBook collection edition of five individually already published gay adult baby eBooks written and published by Jodie Delight.

Manners Cost Nothing

While relaxing at the local park, two best friends, Ryan Woods (aged 21) and Josh Lawyer (aged 22) notice a strange looking man preying at them in the distance.

Ryan and Josh immediately confront this mysterious man, who calls himself “Pennywise”. Pennywise possesses magical powers and he alters both Ryan and Josh’s lives forever with damage consequences after they rudely disrespect him…

The Man With A Plan

Luke Canon (aged 23) has recently been chatting with the mysterious Nigel (aged 47), on a gay dating app. Both men have been getting to know each other extremely well.

They now decide it’s time to finally meet up face-to-face to see if some sort of relationship may blossom between them both.

While Nigel is determined to have Luke in his life, Luke is fully unaware that Nigel is seeking an intimate long term relationship with him for an extreme infantile purpose…


George Harrison (aged 18) is a schoolboy who’ll soon have the world as his oyster and he’s very keen to further his education at University.

But his Headmaster, the tough, strict and caring, Mr Delany (aged 38) has other plans for the cute looking schoolboy.

George’s life is quickly about to change and there’s nothing he can do to stop it as Mr Delany has perfectly planned it all out for him…

A Thief’s Tale

Jack Silver (aged 22) and Gavin McDonald (aged 23) are two petty thieves known infamously by the police for causing trouble in their community.

Their lives are going to change very quickly as the police department secretly enrols in a new and unofficial infantilism programme commissioned by the government to help tackle crimes committed by young people.

Jack and Gavin are soon going to become something more than just being best friends…they’re going to become new full-time Adult Baby Boys.

The Daddy Next Door

Harold Cornett (aged 43) is a gay man with emotional desires and sexual urges to become a total Daddy Dom to an Adult Baby Boy.

When Harold was about to abandon the infantilism fetish and scene for good, chance came when twink, Corey Fowler (aged 22), became Harold’s new next door neighbour. Upon meeting Corey for the first time, Harold knew that this young man is “The One”.

Harold moves quickly to execute his devious so-called “Master Plan” into turning Corey and keeping him as Adult Baby Boy for a very long time to come…

These five Gay Adult Baby stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about cute submissive young men forced into nappies and the babyish lifestyle by strong, dominating gay Daddies and magical power.

Tags: #AdultBabyBoy, #AdultBabyBoys, #AdultSchoolBoy, #Babyhood, #ChangeOfReality, #Christmas, #DaddyDom, #Forced, #Gay, #Headmaster, #Infantilism, #Love, #Lust, #Magic, #MentalRegression, #Nappies, #Police, #Punishment, #School

Over 45,200 words.

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