Sissy Baby eBooks: Delight Collection Vol. 2

About the Book

Sissy Baby eBooks: The Delight Collection Vol. 2 is a five all-in-one eBook collection edition of five individually already published Sissy Baby and Sissy Girl eBooks written and published by Jodie Delight.

Hollywood Hussy

Hollywood Hussy is the first book of a five part Adult Baby & Sissy series set in the heart of Tinseltown in Los Angeles, America by Jodie Delight.

Dickie Cockwood (aged 55), the all-time Adult Raspberry Award winner and most critically panned movie director for a generation, is told by his loyal producer, Sol Dershowitz (aged 54) that they must pull off a miracle of a movie if they want to survive working in Hollywood.

An original screenplay was sent one week before the Academy’s announcement to Dickie’s movie studios. The screenplay, “Hollywood Hussy”, will become Dickie’s last chance for him get the full respect he’s owed from his critics, rivals, the Hollywood elite and A-Listers.

Jace Griffin (aged 23), a struggling wannabe Hollywood actor is kicked out on the streets by a slum motel owner due to failing to pay the rent. The owner advises Jace to visit Dickie Cockwood to seek some acting work.

After meeting Dickie and Sol, and not knowing the full content about Hollywood Hussy, Jace desperately begs them to play the main part of the movie, which, unknown to him, is the virgin Sissy Girl, Valentina Garcia. Jace has no idea what he’s going to get himself into.

Hollywood’s known “King of Flops” has one ace card up his sleeve: having the direct contact and wisdom of the screenwriter herself, Miss Jodie Delight, to help him make Hollywood Hussy a box office success.

It’ll soon become make or break for everybody involved making Hollywood Hussy…

Cinderella Boy

Martin Mable (aged 20) has desires and sexual fantasies about being treated and living his life as a Sissy Baby Girl. One night, while he’s home alone, Martin takes the brave decision in getting all dolled up as a Sissy Baby Girl for the first time for his online Dominant Daddy.

Martin, a naive virgin and who’s eager to make a good impression, submissively does what his Daddy commands without questioning him. It was during his online training session that his strict no-nonsense Mum, Catherine Mable (aged 41) and her best friend, Maggie Willis (aged 42) unexpectedly return home for a nightcap!

It’s shockingly revealed to Catherine and best friend just what her one and only son truly wants to live his life as, along with finding out the truth about his hidden sexual orientation. Martin’s life is now set to change forever and there’s no going back for his new Sissy Baby Girl…

Unmaternal Babysitter

Nathan Danes (aged 18), the loner and geek of his school, is the secret sneaky pervert who’s been stealing the panties of the schoolgirl he fancies, Jessica Bakewell (aged 18).

One night, by pure bad luck, Nathan’s Mum, Mary Danes (aged 41) along with her new best friend Gina Bakewell (aged 42), Jessica’s Mum, catch Nathan doing a very disgusting sexual act with Jessica’s stolen panties in his bedroom.

With this despicable revelation fully exposed, Gina brilliantly manipulates Mary into completely turning her perverted son into her new Sissy Baby Girl as punishment for his immoral sins.

A complete new lifestyle quickly begun for Nathan as he would become known within the community as “Nicole”, Mummy’s Sissy Baby Girl. And that’s not all. Gina thought it would be best that her daughter should become his new babysitter.

One day the cute, gorgeous and dominating Jessica Bakewell arrives to babysit the perverted Sissy Baby. Jessica also invites her schoolgirl friends round to join in the fun in her wicked plans of revenge installed for her new Sissy Slave and sexual plaything…

Pigtails & Ponytails

Connor Barns (aged 21) and his best friend, Julian Lane (aged 20) are the infamous troublemakers within their local community who get away with mischief.

Vanessa Martel (aged 45), a recent widow and a woman of extreme fortitude, has not long moved into the once respected middle-class neighbourhood to start a new chapter in her life.

Late one evening, while drunk and high on drugs, Connor and Julian purposely urinate on Vanessa’s front gate. By pure chance, Vanessa notices this disgusting act of indecency and confronts the two disrespectful young men.

Vanessa immediately drags both lads into her new home where they’ll have the terrifying shock of fate that Vanessa quickly inflicts upon them. Everyone within the community will soon know all about their new transformation by Vanessa who has now become their new full-time Mummy…

Kiss It Goodbye

Gary Goody (aged 37) is married to his strong decisive and independent wife, Gail Goody (aged 36). Gary knows all too well that his wife rules the roost and wears the trousers in their childless marriage.

Gary is a closet Sissy Baby Girl. Lately, behind his wife’s back, he has been secretly indulging in his Sissy Baby fantasies online.

On one free evening, Gary decides to dress up as a Sissy Baby with his hidden stash of Sissy stuff he has bought without his wife’s acknowledgement. When Gail unexpectedly returns home early, Gary is caught performing a live webcam sex act.

After failed clear the air talks, Gail immediately takes drastic action by turning her shameful husband into the Sissy Baby Girl he craves to be for the whole world to see. Their new lifestyle as Mummy and Sissy Baby Girl has now truly begun…

These five Sissy Baby stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about young men forced into the Sissy Baby and Sissy Girl lifestyle by strong dominating men and women.

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Over 95,800 words.

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