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  • You can now 'Preview Read' the NEW 2nd Edition of my 3rd eBook 'A Few Good Women'.
  • I'm currently editing & updating the BRAND NEW 2nd Edition manuscript of my 3rd eBook 'A Few Good Women'.
  • My 2nd Edition - 2nd eBook 'The Man With A Plan' is now Live on Amazon!
  • My 71st eBook 'Father Figure' is now Live on Amazon!
  • I want to personally thank ALL of my Worldwide Readers for their continued loyal support. I'm always appreciative of this. Thank you.
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August 2022: Folks, I'm currently updating ALL of my 70 Single eBooks. This could take me a few months to complete. I'm editing & updating ALL Manuscripts. I've taken down my original eBooks from Amazon. All Stories will remain the same except for NEW coloured Book Covers & a few changed Story Titles. These BRAND NEW 2nd Editions will be far easier to read & will make better storytelling than my originals. This has been something I've wanted to do for a long while now. Once I managed to get through this tough mental slog, I'll have the ability & time to publish NEW original eBooks & completed my planned 'Delight Series' at a faster rate. Thank you for your continued support & understanding. Jodie xXx

Newly Published 2nd Editions

Newly published 2nd Editions of Jodie's 70 Single eBooks.

Currently Writing

I'm currently editing & updating the NEW manuscript of my 3rd eBook 'A Few Good Women'.

3. A Few Good Women

James Turner (aged 20) has a secret: he’s a closet Adult Baby Boy. One day James confesses his deep infantile desires to be treated like an Adult Baby to his beautiful girlfriend Kimberly Evans (aged 19). Kimberly then informs her Mum & James’ Mum all about her boyfriend’s infantile desires and they quickly act upon it. There’s nothing James can do to stop these few good women enforcing his young life into complete babyhood for a very long time to come…

Coming August 2022

(Publication date is always subject to change).

Planned 2nd Editions

NEW 2nd Editions - Coming Soon.

4. Crazy In Love

Straight AB Girl story.

5. Pillow-Biters

Gay AB Boy story.

6. The Sissy Breeders

Gay Sissy Baby story.

Newly Published eBooks

Exclusively on Amazon

71. Father Figure

Gay AB Boy Story.

31. The Landlady

Bisexual Sissy Baby story.

70. Pansy Lane

Bisexual Sissy Baby story.
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