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71. Ride Along

71. Ride Along

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Ride Along: Daddy Taught Me A Lesson...

About the Book

On one dark cold wintry night, Lucy Decker (aged 22), and her junkie friend Maggie Ashcroft (aged 21), are two homeless druggies who’ll desperately do anything to fund their next fix.

On the spare of the moment, due to her increasing cravings to obtain weed, Lucy outrageously decides to mug a driver. Maggie agrees to help.

Don Stanton (aged 37), a young retired wealthy businessman, who, online is well-known as “Daddy Don” within the ABDL Community, is driving home in his campervan after returning from a camping break away.

Still without a full-time Adult Baby Girl to love and cherish, Don thought all hope was lost…until he noticed Lucy waving her arms pleading for his aid on the wayside.

Lucy’s ambitious plan to mug Don doesn’t go according to plan. Don takes Lucy back to his home to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. A new infantile lifestyle awaits Lucy as Don believes he knows what’s best in saving Lucy from herself by becoming his new Adult Baby Girl…

Tags: #AdultBabyGirl, #Babyhood, #Bondage, #Chav, #DaddyDom, #Dark, #DDLG, #Drugs, #Forced, #Humiliation, #Hypnosis, #Love, #MentalRegression, #Messing, #Nappies, #Punishment, #Revenge, #SpecialNeeds, #Taken, #Wetting

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Coming 15th August 2020


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