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I’m currently updating the Paperback Manuscript then I’ll order the 2nd Proof Copy.

If I’m happy with the 2nd Proof Copy, I’ll update ALL Sissy Breeders’ eBooks on Amazon.

I’ll then upload the PDF Preview of the Paperback Edition.

After, I’ll process the Official Paperback Edition of the Sissy Breeders’ Series.

I plan to have this published on Amazon by/for September!

My 70th eBook ‘Pansy Lane’ is currently on hold until I have successfully published the Paperback Edition of The Sissy Breeders’ Series!

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My 1st Paperback…

The Sissy Breeders: The Delight Series

The Sissy Breeders: The Delight Series

Genre: Paperbacks
Publication Year: September 2021
Length: TBC

The Sissy Breeders: The Delight Series

About the Book

The Sissy Breeders: The Delight Collection is a five all-in-one collective edition of the five individually published Sissy Breeders eBooks written by Jodie.

All five of these fantastically written stories are published in this stand-alone paperback edition in chronological order and together as one.

  1. Miss Strawberry
  2. The Sissy Breeders Inception
  3. The Sissy Breeders
  4. The Sissy Breeders Return
  5. The Sissy Breeders Retribution

Enter the world of the Sissy Breeders.

This five-tale series tells the story of matriarch Mandy Carter and her two most loyal right-hand women, Leanne Strawberry and Lilly Lloyd, whose profession is to kidnap men, innocent or not, and turn them into either a Sissy Girl or Sissy Baby Girl by the choosing of their wealthy new owner.

Nothing on Earth can stop the Sissy Breeders from doing what they do best; only you can read witness to their talent, if you dare to?

Miss Strawberry

Set two weeks before the events of The Sissy Breeders Inception, Miss Strawberry is the first story of the Sissy Breeders’ series.

Leanne Strawberry (aged 38) is set to leave St Michael’s, a public school based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. However nothing’s ever that simple for the gorgeous lesbian substitute teacher.

Candice Cotton (aged 18) and Keeley Nash (aged 18) desperately seek Miss Strawberry’s help for both schoolgirls are being blackmailed by schoolboys; Charles Lester (aged 18) and Brian Baker (aged 18) for they secretly recorded their orgy together.

The schoolboys believe that they can do as they please, but not on Miss Strawberry’s watch. Leanne, a natural dominate woman, takes matters in her own hands to personally teach Charles and Brian a lesson in her own immoral and unique way…

The Sissy Breeders Inception

Set two weeks after the events of Miss Strawberry, The Sissy Breeders Inception is the second story of the Sissy Breeders’ series.

Housewife Mandy Carter (aged 44) has lost everything; her life has crashed down before her eyes due to the finalisation of her bitter divorce from her worthless husband, Archibald Dalton (aged 49).

Broken, depressed, angry and wanting her absolute retribution, Mandy’s ambition, determination and luck goes in her favour when her inception plans for her daring venturous enterprise is finally licensed and commissioned by HM Civil Service.

Mandy quickly recruits two special, gorgeous, dominating and like-minded ladies into her new venture. From that very moment all three ladies of what will later become the greatest multimillion pound enterprise that secretly exists in the world, The Sissy Breeders, now went on to kidnap its very First Subject…

The Sissy Breeders

Set one year after the events of The Sissy Breeders Inception, The Sissy Breeders is the third story of the Sissy Breeders’ series.

The Sissy Breeders is an established legal and licenced organisation issued and supported by HM Civil Service whose goal is to kidnap and turn handsome young men into sexy Sissy Girls, then to sell them off for a huge profit to their wealthy, yet very secretive, registered clientele across the world.

The hunt is on again for The Sissy Breeders, and Cody Cox (aged 25), becomes their next unlucky subject whose identity and lifestyle will now change forever.

Cody is soon taken by the three gorgeous Sissy Breeders and transported to a place where a wholly new lifestyle and training awaits him…

The Sissy Breeders Return

Set one year after the events of The Sissy Breeders, The Sissy Breeders Return is the fourth story of the Sissy Breeders’ series.

It’s New Year’s Eve and by bad luck Nanny Leanne Strawberry & Nanny Lilly Lloyd have broken down in Mummy Mandy’s old Ford transit van on a dangerously known council estate in Newcastle, England. 

Two male chavs Ashley Wilson (aged 24) and Liam Blue (aged 23), both with past criminal records, arrogantly try to have their wicked lustful way with the two attractive and dominating nannies. 

But the nannies are always two steps ahead of them and the lives of these two young men will never be the same again…

The Sissy Breeders Retribution

Set a few months after the events of The Sissy Breeders Return, The Sissy Breeders Retribution is the fifth & final story of the Sissy Breeders’ series.

Mandy Carter (aged 46), the sole creator and founder of the great multimillion pound enterprise that secretly exists in the world, The Sissy Breeders, is a woman who’s got it all except for one thing…retribution!

Archibald “Archie” Dalton (aged 52), a moocher, womaniser and petty criminal was once married to the great lady. Archie took everything from Mandy in their bitter divorce way before she created this epic enterprise.

Mandy, a totally changed woman from the one Archie remembers, finally tracks down her worthless ex-husband who’s given the ultimate treatment of the Sissy Breeders in becoming someone and something he’d never imagined. Mummy Mandy’s retribution has now begun…

These five Sissy Breeders stories are great to read if one enjoys reading about men being forced into the Sissy Girl and Sissy Baby lifestyle by strong dominating men and women.

Over 50,300 words.

Coming September 2021

(*Publication date is always subject to change).