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Worldwide independent author of fictional erotic stories based within the Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism fetishes of BDSM.

Every one of my published ABDL eBooks are originally and uniquely written by myself.

I create memorable fictional characters, superb dialogue and intriguing infantilism plots and storytelling.

ALL of my single published Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism eBooks featured below are numbered and perfectly arranged in Publication Date order.

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For Your Information

Since the inception of writing my eBooks in September 2017, I have NEVER used anyone’s personal ABDL pictures or ABDL Art INSIDE my eBooks.

ALL of my published ABDL eBooks are 100% literature.

I have NEVER featured, nor will I ever feature, anyone’s person ABDL pictures & ABDL Art INSIDE my published ABDL eBooks.

I say state this again because there have been LIES spread within the Online ABDL Community about my ABDL eBooks over the years.

There is NO ABDL Art or ABDL Pictures featured INSIDE ANY of my ABDL eBooks!

ALL of my published ABDL eBooks are 100% literature!

ALL fictional characters written & featured inside my ABDL stories are ALL aged 18 & over.

I do NOT write ABDL Incest stories.

I do NOT write Underage ABDL stories.

I do NOT write Sexual Underage ABDL stories.

I do NOT write Age Regression stories.

I do NOT write Furry ABDL stories.

I do NOT write Commissioned ABDL stories.

My ABDL eBooks are ALL original erotic fiction & fantasy stories based within the Adult Baby, Sissy Girl, Sissy Baby & Infantilism kinks of BDSM.

Every eBook I write & publish on Amazon are ALL within the Amazon Guidelines upon publishing, and are totally legal and above board.


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Regardless of the Page Length, Synopsis and Story Tags of my Adult Baby, Sissy & Infantilism stories: EVERY SINGLE eBook published on Amazon will be priced and capped at £3.00 (GBP). 

My eBooks have been capped and set at £3.00 (GBP) since I first started writing them in September 2017.

I’ve added ALL 13 Amazon International Links to each eBook. Upon clicking the Amazon Link of the country of your choice, the £3.00 (GBP) price will automatically convert into the fixed price set in your country.

I’m not an Author who sets crazy prices for every published eBook because of the Page Length or ABDL Genre. 

I’m fair to my all of my paid readers. And by being fair, I cap my single eBooks at an affordable price.

Given all the hard work I put into each of my storytelling, I believe it’s a fair price for both parties; me, the Author, and you, the reader.

My eBooks’ page length rages between 25 to 100+ pages per single published story.

I dearly hope that my ABDL eBooks will bring joy, satisfaction & sexual arousement to my readers, fans and followers within the worldwide Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism communities.

Thank you for your time and enjoy reading!

Jodie x

1. Manners Cost Nothing
2. The Man With A Plan
3. A Few Good Women
4. Turn It Up!
5. Pillow-Biters
6. The Sissy Breeders
7. Knocking On The Wrong Door
8. Her Gentleman Caller
9. It’s A Condition!
10. Friday 13th
11. A Thief’s Tale
12. Switching Strengths
13. Duty Of Care
14. Back In Her Bosom
15. The Goo-Goo App
16. Schoolboy Baby
17. Mummy’s Wicked Heart
18. The Daddy Next Door
19. Video Gaga
20. Dirty Dani
21. Maternal Babysitters
22. Brokeback Bully
23. The Sissy Breeders Return
24. The Sissy Breeders Retribution
25. The Sissy Breeders Inception
26. Troubled Tyke
27. On The Rocks
28. The Baby In The Mirror
29. This Time Around
30. Big Girls Do Cry
31. Sissy On The Side
32. Miss Strawberry
33. Mummy Secretary
34. Abracadabra!
35. Little Boots To Fill
36. Kiss Chase
37. Mystery Man
38. A Debt Owed
39. Charity Starts At Home
40. Babe In The Woods
41. Chasing The Scent
42. Hollywood Hussy
43. Down Under
44. Schoolgirl Baby
45. Money Talks
46. After Hours
47. Cinderella Boy
48. Beacon Of Light
49. Meanie Monster
50. Unmaternal Babysitter
51. When Men Were Men
52. Anastacio
53. When Mummy Found Kit
54. Educating Cody
55. Pigtails & Ponytails
56. Date Night
57. Lady Of The Land
58. Mr Wonderful
59. Kiss It Goodbye
60. Entrapment
61. Remember November
62. Get Real
63. Doll For A Doll
64. Queer Street
65. Promiscuous Babes

66. Breeder Of Boys

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66. Breeder Of Boys

67. Breeders Of Boys

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67. Breeders Of Boys
68. In Sickness & In Health
69. Big Bad Wolf
70. Helping Hand
71. Ride Along