Coming Soon!

The eBooks featured below are my currently planned ABDL eBooks that I’ll soon going to write and publish.

Though, I’m more than likely to be working on something completely different.

Meaning, I’ll wake up one morning and I’ll choose to write a completely different eBook from my planned manuscripts instead of one of my planned stories pictured below.

For me to write a decent 30-80+ paged ABDL eBook it usually takes me between one to three weeks to complete, depending on how I mentally feel. If I’m really determined, I can write an eBook within a week. 

Even when I’ve completed writing my new eBook; I could be waiting up to 72 hours on Amazon KDP for my new eBook to be published & go live on sale on Amazon across the world!

Or it’ll be live on PayPal in Protected PDF Download in a matter of minutes.

The ABDL eBooks featured below are NOT in the correct order of my next written & published eBook. But they are currently in the pipeline of being written and published.

Some of the Book CoversStory Titles, Taglines & Story Synopsis featured below are also subject to change before they are officially published worldwide for all to enjoy reading..

Thank you.

Coming Soon


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