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71. Father Figure

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Robbie Rowland (aged 20) a rude immature young man is forced by his Mum, Jane Rowland (aged 42), to attend the funeral of their neighbour, the late Mr Gibson.

It was there when Robbie first comes into contact with the strong, dashing and no-nonsense Brian Barber (aged 42). Brian is outraged by Robbie’s blatant disrespect during the funeral service and sees him as a brat who’s out of control.

Later that evening, Jane is emergency contacted to help with financial matters in Hong Kong. Not trusting Robbie to look after himself, let alone their home, he is sent to live with Brian.

A special lifestyle is soon enforced upon Robbie by Brian and there’s nothing he can do to escape the love and discipline of his new Daddy which is much needed in his young bratty life…

Publication Date: 30th July 2022

Page Length: 104 pages (Kindle)

Chapters: 11

Word Count: Over 21,600 words.


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